In order to ensure the quality and reliability standards are continually met, manufacturers such as Level 1 Fasteners must have processes in place to ensure their manufacturing processes is efficient and dependable. Whether it is our screws, bolts or other fasteners, we must ensure that each item performs as expected in harsh, real-world situations and it is important that we can trace all aspects of manufacturing for our customers. This includes the ability to track each step in our manufacturing process, outside vendor processes and included records from the mill where the material was forged. Having fully traceable products means that should there be a question about one of our products we will be able to provide complete records for that specific product.

The Importance of Traceability

The ability to trace the the manufacturing of an item is essential when dealing with an issue that may have affected performance.

For example, if there is a question on a specific fastener that was installed on a ship or submarine, our system will allow us to identify the lot of fasteners that was affected.

This traceability system also helps to quickly and easily respond to requests from our customers, suppliers and other entities involving certification, validation, testing, and manufacturing processes.

In addition to Lot Number, our system also tracks all production information for each product we manufacture, including date and time product was produced, how it was manufactured, the number produced in the lot, any testing or other procedures that the products may have undergone.

As a customer of Level 1 Fasteners, you can rest assured that our products are manufactured with the highest standards available and are fully traceable in case an issue arises.