Level 1 Fasteners has the CNC turning and milling capabilities that are needed for all of your manufactured fasteners. We have more than 25 CNC Lathes and three CNC Milling Machines. With this equipment we can machine a wide variety of precision parts quickly and cost-effectively.

Several lathes are equipped with 12-foot bar feeders, allowing these machines to run automatically when machining from bar stock. CNCs are also used for a wide verity of secondary operations. Our largest machine can handle up to 3” diameter bars. Our staff includes more than 15 experienced CNC machinists.

Level 1 Fasteners offers full CNC turning and milling for build-to-print precision machined parts. CNC is able to hold tolerances of 0.0005 inches.

At Level 1 Fasteners, we utilize CNC turning and milling for your special needs: medical, military, and industrial application. By having in-house source inspection, heat treat, metallurgical testing, we keep costs low and production time to a minimum. We’re ready when you are to deliver the best products in the US.