Cold heading refers to the process of forming a shape without adding heat. At Level 1 Fasteners, we have nine National cold headers which can make fasteners with sizes of #2-56 to .875 DIA up to 7″ in length. Our cold-forging capabilities include manufacturing rods and headed bolts and screws. Heading styles currently being manufactured include: hex head, double hex head, button cap, socket cap, and flat socket cap bolts and screws. While cold heading can be performed with a variety of materials, the most commonly requested cold-headed materials are made using K500, 400 Monel, 304, 316, 4140, 8740.

Cold heading technology provides a cost-effective and fast option with many benefits, including:

  • Capable of Producing Items in Large Quantities
  • Tight Tolerances
  • Reduced Material Waste
  • Reduced Overall Cost When Compared to Machine Processing
  • Capable of a Larger Range of Diameters
  • Configurations can be designed according to your specific requirements, both standard and non-standard.

While cold heading technology was originally designed to manufacture fasteners, cold-headed components can now be found in a wide variety of products and structures around the world at a reduced cost for our customers. Not sure if cold heading is right for your project? Contact Level 1 Fasteners for more information.

Level 1 Fastener employee oversees quality testing during the Cold Heading process.

Our Cold Head Operators work to ensure all orders are completed on time and meet our high quality standards.