Level 1 Fasteners is a leading manufacturer of Cold Headed and CNC Machined Fasteners for the military, aerospace, medical, industrial, valve, and oil drilling industries. Our products are all custom engineered to meet your needs. The team of experienced professionals at Level 1 Fasteners is waiting to manufacture your next product. We have a complete line of materials, machinery, methods, and people to meet every challenge. We supply most of the major shipyards and private ship repair facilities. We are also a qualified supplier for the US Department of Defense.

By having in-house source inspection, heat treat, metallurgical testing and passivation, we keep costs low and production time to a minimum. We manufacture a variety of bolts and screws for industrial fasteners and related products for military, aerospace, aircraft, medical, automobile, valve, and oil drilling applications. We maintain an extensive inventory of finished goods and on-hand materials to reduce turnaround times.

Level 1 Fasteners is an approved vendor for Navy, General Dynamics/Electric Boat, Newport News Shipbuilding, Boeing-Rocketdyne, Lockheed-Martin. Marietta-Northrup Grumman, Milwaukee Valve, and Raytheon. Level 1 Fasteners is an approved provider of fasteners for Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) in support of their QSLM/QSLD Procurement program. We are qualified by Department of Defense (DOD)/Naval Warfare Division to produce certain products listed in the Qualified Products Lists (QPL). Our systems can manufacture fasteners to NASM, NAS, AN, MS, and numerous MIL-specifications.

Most Recent Specifications

Level 1 Fasteners works with a variety of custom specifications, including:

FF-S-86 REVISIONS E(4), F, G, & H




Bolts, Screws, and Nuts

At Level 1 Fasteners, we offer quality bolts, screws, nuts, and related products for medical, military, aerospace, and industrial application.

Our extensive cold-heading and CNC departments can produce items from #2-56 to 7/8 in size. We specialize in non-ferrous and exotic materials including: Monel®, K-500 Monel®, Corrosive Resistant Steels (CRES), Alloy Steels, Nickel Alloys, Brass and Naval Brass.

Our Hot Forging Department can form bolts and screws 1/2″ to 2″ diameter and up to 7 inches long.

We can manufacture nuts from sizes #2-56 through 3”.

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Level 1 Fasteners produces a vareity of studs.

Looking for studs for your latest project? Level 1 Fasteners has a full line of studs available. We have a large inventory of premade items, as well as the capability to custom manufacture items for military, aerospace, aircraft, medical, valve, oil drilling applications, and other industrial situations.

Our systems can manufacture studs in sizes ranging from #2-56 through 3″ and roll threads from sizes #2-56 through 1-3/4”diameter. We can cut or single point threads up to 3” diameter.