At Level 1 Fasteners, we are committed to manufacturing top-quality fasteners. We maintain the highest certification standards in our products, services, and inspections to guarantee that your Level 1 Fasteners components will be of the highest quality to meet any industrial needs. We keep our costs as low as possible by having onsite metallurgical testing and source inspection.

At Level 1 Fasteners, quality is our top priority. Did you know?

  • A full 20 percent of our staff is dedicated to quality control and inspection.
  • We employ a local Navy source inspector.
  • Our staff includes a knowledgeable metallurgist and a thermal engineer specializing in Ni-Cu-Al.
  • We are affiliated with a local heat-treat facility: High Performance Heat Treating.
  • We perform onsite F.P.I. Mag. particle and full destructive and non-destructive testing.


Level 1 Fasteners quality labs are certified by ISO 9001:2015 and MIL-I-45208-A standards.

DUNS 80-975-0698
Cage Code 17285


Level 1 Fasteners is approved by the Navy’s Level 1, Nuclear & Subsafe Programs, General Dynamics, Newport News Shipbuilding, Boeing-Rocketdyne Division, Lockheed Martin, Marietta-Northrop Grumman, Defense Industrial Supply Center, Navy Ships Parts Control Center, Federal Industrial Supply Center and numerous more.

Standards Specifications



The American Society for Testing and Materials is an international standards organization that develops and publishes voluntary consensus technical standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems, and services.

ASME / ANSI Standards

ASME is the globally recognized, trusted source of standards used around the world.

SAE Standards

SAE International (Society of Automotive Engineers) is a standards development organization with fastener specifications that apply to the aerospace, automotive, and commercial vehicle industries. SAE bolts are also used in machinery, equipment and OEM applications.


Cage Code – 17283

DUNS 80-975-0698

Women-owned Small Business

SLA – (QSLM) Qualified Suppliers List for Manufacturers
(For both Class 3 and Class 2 threaded fasteners) Registered