Centerless Grinding Department

Centerless Grinding Department

We have 12 #2OM Centerless Grinders; 5 of those are new. We currently have six full-time operators. Level 1 Fasteners feels that centerless grinding is a very important part of our manufacturing process, it ensures quality, consistent, lap-free threads. Centerless grinding also ensures the dimensions are consistently in tolerance and creates a cosmetically nicer looking part with a ground finish.

We do mostly infeed grinding for headed fasteners, but also have the capability to do thru-feed grinding for long studs or threaded rod. Our standard tolerance in this department is +/- .0002.

Level 1 Fasteners manufactures and stocks fasteners for military, aerospace, aircraft, medical, valve, and oil drilling applications. We are a West Virginia based company with over 50 years’ experience of producing “LEVEL 1” certified specialty fasteners primarily in non-ferrous materials (i.e. Monel, K-Monel) for the US Navy and its subcontractors like General Dynamics and Huntington Ingalls Industries.


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