"because the whole is only as good as the sum of its parts."

What is "Level 1"?

Level 1 is a quality program that was initialized and implemented by the Dept of Navy with the safety of it's men and fleet at sea in mind. It's basic objective ensures total traceability of each part that builds these ships and submarines by mandatory requirement of maintaining  material identification from the melt source to its end-use. One can have maximum confidence in the integrity of the fastener that is certified as Level 1.


This pretty much summarizes who we are. Over 40 years experience of producing "LEVEL 1 " certified fasteners for the US Navy and its subcontractors like General Dynamics for its "Seawolf " attack submarines. We are a member GD's Source Delegated Inspection (SDI) team. We are also proud of being a part of Newport News Shipbuilding team of cognizant suppliers.


We also manufacture and stock fasteners for military, aerospace, aircraft, medical, oil drilling applications.We are approved by Boeing Rocketdyne, Lockheed Martin Marietta and Raytheon. We are also an approved supplier of fasteners to Defense Industrial Supply Center (DISC) in support of their QSLM/QSLD Procurement program. We are qualified by Dept of Defense (DOD)/Naval Warfare Division to produce certain products  listed in the Qualified Products Lists (QPL).

Please call us for your quote today. We would like to become a member of your team and provide you quality and certified fasteners to meet your needs. Let's become partners.

Special thanks to  Dept of Navy for use of their photos...

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